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Terraillon - Terraillon ACTIVI-T BAND - Black - 13056

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12 501 Ft
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15 876 Ft

További információk

Terraillon ACTIVI-T BAND - Black - 13056 Take your well-being in hand. ? Monitor your daily physical activity - steps, distance and calories burned. ? Control your sleep - pattern, duration and quality ? Large OLED screen for monitoring the activity and time ? Direct recharge via USB without the need for additional accessories FUNCTIONS Monitor your activity Monitor your sleep Vibrating alarm CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth Smart iPhone® 4S and later iPad® 3 and later, /Mini iPod® Touch 5 Android 4.3 et compatible with Bluetooth Smart PERFORMANCE OLED screen Time Recharge via USB Adjustable band Battery life 7 days DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT Product O7.5 - 6.5 x 7.5 x 2cm Packing 8.8 x 19.1 x 2.9cm Net/gross weight 21/80g DISCOVER ACTIVI-T BAND, YOUR NEW DAILY COACH During the day it records all your activities and helps you to keep on doing better. At night, it monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you gently by vibration. View the results of your hard work instantly on the OLED screen, synchronise your data on the Wellness Coach app and share your performance wherever you are. YOUR DAILY PARTNER The Activi-T Band is with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wear it on your wrist, find out your level of activity and set new goals to be achieved. Its 3D sensor monitors your physical activity: number of steps, distance and number of calories burned. While you're asleep, it analyses the different phases (deep and light sleep) and how long they last, and wakes you up gently by vibration. COMPLETELY EASY TO USE The Activi-T Band is equipped with a large white OLED screen that allows you to monitor your activity (steps, distance, calories) directly. For extra practicality, it also tells the time. Two sizes are supplied, Activi-T Band adapts to all wrist sizes. The battery has a life of 7 days and you can recharge it in 90 minutes via the integrated USB port without needing an additional accessory. Ideal when you're on the move or travelling, a simple USB port is all you need. WELLNESS COACH APP Activi-T Band connects to the Terraillon Wellness Coach app. Set your goals and get free advice scientifically validated to reach them.

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